Only recently has a general consensus emerged that successful enforcement is of critical importance to achieving a meaningful rule of law, including judicial independence as well as a functioning market economy and democratic governance. Yet relatively little is known, aside from limited anecdotal evidence, about how the process of enforcement works in theory and practice, how much it cost, who is responsible for it or what the major barriers to fair and effective enforcement of court judgement are.
La investigación fue dirigida por Peter Kahn y Sandra Elena (Ifes) y Héctor M. Chayer (fores) para el capítulo de Argentina. El equipo de investigadores se conformó por Ezequiel Zabale, Guillermo Beltramone Karina Arreche, María Victoria Anadón y María Laura Gil Flood (Fores)

Fecha de Inicio: FEBRERO DE 2002
Fecha de Finalización: OCTUBRE DE 2002

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